World of Travel

by Irshad Malek

For approximately Twenty years, Irshad Malek has served the Travel Industry and is confidently and commonly known for his experience in the Hajj and Umrah field and the Middle East.

In the latter part of 2011, Irshad Malek launched “WORLD OF TRAVEL" by Irshad Malek of which he is the Managing Director. Apart from his vast number of years of experience in the Haj and Umrah field, Irshad Malek also boasts two decades of experience in the Leisure Industry.

During his two decades in the Travel Industry, Irshad has extensively travelled many countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, India, Mauritius just to mention a few and has developed strong relationships with his preferred service providers.

Though he doesn’t claim to have mastered jet-lag completely, it rarely slows him down. Whether he is exploring Boston or Bangkok, Chicago or Chile, Irshad seeks to get the most out of every trip and to share what he discovers with others so they, too, can make memorable journeys.

Irshad’s vision is to become the most sought after travel agency, providing services to not only individuals but also all sectors of business community.

World Of Travel is a dynamic company that thrives on ensuring the most efficient, hassle free handling of all aspects of travel.

From the time one enters their office you are welcomed by a warm, cosy and pleasant ambiance. Clients from all walks of life, from social to the corporate business traveler….

From the pilgrim…. To the adventurer and not forgetting honeymooners – are all offered a highly personalized, professional service.

Tours and Travel arrangements are carefully arranged and designed to suit the needs of each individual – in fact Irshad Malek has a distinct reputation for tailor made packages thus ensuring his clients complete satisfaction.

World of Travel staff have been personally selected by Irshad and thus his office is filled with passion, adrenalin, entusiasim, honesty, caring, sharing and most importantly commitment to the company.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is of paramount importance and I, Irshad Malek with 17 (seventeen) years of experience in the industry has succeeded in achieving the above by virtue of our repeat clients and “word of mouth” publicity from these clients.

My collective team from South Africa has combined experience of almost 30 (thirty) years in the Hajj and Umrah industry as although I have launched my own company, my over two decades of experience in the Hajj and Umrah Industry will most definatetly rank me at the top with the other operators.

We have the infrastructure both locally and in the Kingdom to take care of the needs of pilgrims. We have a full time office in the Kingdom which takes care of the needs of our clients during both Hajj and Umrah seasons.